Disabled And Didn't Know He Was A Dad


My husband didn't even know he had a child. He had applied for his disability. Then he had to go to court in Florida, which ordered DNA testing. Every thing was supposed to be moved to Georgia. The DNA testing was but the next court date wasn't, Then he was notified that the child was his. He's not able to work his disability is now in the appeal review. Meanwhile his child support just keeps adding up. Now he sits in jail

Because he is not able to work therefore not able to pay. I already have all the bills to take care by myself and am unable to do anything else but pay the bills that we have. What kind of help can he get?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello there!

Thanks for sharing and we are sorry to hear about your situation. With your husband in jail he is entitled to a court appointed attorney. Matter of fact, he was entitled to one when he was facing jail time before he went to court. Have your husband ask in jail for a court attorney. An attorney can fight for him to get out of jail and to have his amount adjusted to a payment that he can afford.

Csa Staff

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