Disabled And Cant Pay Child Support

by john brattain
(fort wayne indiana)

I have been disabled due to an auto accident and have no income, my X wife is now threatening me to be taken to court and jailed. I am awaiting social securities reply on my disability application.

Upon filing my papers I have discovered she has disabled my twin boys and is getting SSi for them and herself too.

Ever since I had to call her and ask her if she had done this because social security needed to know if any of my kids we are on it , and I had no clue she did this.

She stopped bringing me the kids over 14 months ago.
I used to live in indianapolis and am now back in Fort Wayne to be closer to my kids which I have yet to see.

My whole world has been turned upside down with the loss of my left arm and being unable to work ever again.
I am now at $1500 behind after paying the last ten years religiously

I just need some help as to what to do here.

Thank You

John Brattain

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hi John,

Is there a court order for visitation? If there is you can take her back to court for contempt.
Also once you are approved for SSD then your children will receive checks as well on your behalf. You then will need to contact child support to get the order stopped while you are on SSD.


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