direct child support cut from father's salary

by grace
( san jose california,u.s.a)

I'm an unemployed mother on a dependent h4 visa in California.My divorce will be done in a weeks time.i may have to leave U.S.As I'll be illegal here.In a situation i get child custody, and have to relocate in Asia, how will child support be paid overseas(ASIA)?

Because my husband wants me to leave this place so that he gets the child custody and doesn't have to pay child support and later fly to Asia and give the child to me because she cannot live without me she is only 1year old.By doing this he'll just get away with the responsibility of this child..I don't have any job and i want him to support the child because its child's birth right.

I've tried getting the direct child support cut to my account from my going to be ex husbands salary account.But for past two months his Company person is saying next pay roll n its still not through i asked my attorney,she told me to contact you guys.

Please help me. how can i get direct cut from his salary so that he doesn't illtreat us for money.can the direct cut be paid to an overseas bank account if child is going to reside there?

thank you

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