Different States Involved And Need Help

My wife left Texas with my daughter and unborn child and went to her home state Oregon. She had the baby and I have been trying to get her to come back to Texas and be a family. I filing for a divorce with a attorney in March and put it on hold, we were really trying.

I received a letter from the State of Oregon where she is trying to get child support with out a divorce. I called my attorney and she said I will have to get a Oregon attorney to fight against this. I asked her since I filed several months ago for a divorce here in my home state couldn't that over ride Oregon state laws on child support and she is going to have to look into the matter, bull, does any one have any knowledge on what state has rights first!!

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for sharing. When two states are involved the laws get very tricky. Here is a fre site with online attorneys where you can get some help. We wish you well!


CSa Staff

fathers rights
by: Anonymous

well as far as child support most states go by where the child resides. As far as your divorce goes unortunately I dont know much about it.

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