Denied Visitation Pending Child Support Payment

by Derek Kepner
(Des Moines, IA USA)

I currently have a child support agreement in place with Child Support Recovery, the mother of my daughter suddenly decided to withhold my court ordered visits pending payment of child support in full. Today, I received a letter from her attorney after I filed contempt charges against her, he is saying that I am in contempt for non payment because I am not paying the court ordered amount and my agreement means nothing. My visits with my daughter are nearly half of the month, I agreed to the amount that is court ordered because I was employed at the time, I did not shirk my responsibility to my daughter, as a matter of fact, I petitioned the court for my rights. I am currently unemployed and can't afford more than my CS agreement states right now.

Since our break up, all of our issues have been about child support. With the support of my loving family, I could and would raise my daughter myself and I would never ask for child support. I just want to be in my daughters life, and to teach her that she is the most important thing in this world.

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