Delete Child Support Arrears

My ex-husband was arrested for non-payment of support. Now his family is pressuring me into deleting the arrears so he can have a fresh start & begin regular payments. I don't want to do it because I know he will not pay. My question is, is there a loop-hole where it would not be an available option for deletion of arrears?

I'm not going to delete them, but I'm afraid if my child's paternal family find out that it was my decision that they will be angry w/me and my child will suffer for it. Even though it is my ex-husband who is the source for all of this w/his lack of responsibility.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your questions. No the arrears cannot be waived unless it is by you. There are no loop holes. Is he currently in jail?


Response to Reply
by: Anonymous

He is out now. They made him pay $1000 to get out & it comes to my child. They also made him sign a statement that if he misses one payment from here on out, that he will serve at least a year in jail. His family hasn't yet found out it was me who called.

by: Anonymous

That's the dumbest law ever. If he misses one payment, then he goes to jail for a year. If he goes to jail, then you'll get nothing for twelve mos. While he's in jail there will be another warrant out on him for failing to pay.

abolish childsupport
by: Anonymous

Stupid money hungry evil american people, all they care about is money and not the relationship with both parents and a child. No wonder the illuminati wants to depopulate

old closed child support cases
by: Anonymous

How can I get in the system old cases from 1994-2005 child paternity cases off of my sheet and an old appeal closed from 05/24/2002 the plantiff in deceased of my sheet?

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