Decrease In Child Support

by Marleen
(New Jersey, Hudson County)

I need urgent help, Thank you in advance.

I am going to provide some background. I was with my son father on and off for 8 yrs. I became pregnant and he did not show any type of emotional or financial support.

I decided to keep my son and when I was at the hospital to give birth I did not notify him since he never cared. He was notified by two of my family members.

He signed the birth certificate even though I didn't want him to but my father said he had a right to sign it. I am 25 years old and have a 9 month old baby and my son did not recieve not one penny from his father until my son was 5 months old. His father was incarcerated when my son was 11 days old for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

I took him to court and was really upset because I filed for custody since the lady at the window said I could not go after him for child support bc he was not working in jail and was incarcerated at the time. I was angry about everything. I lost my job as a Caseworker after giving birth non-profit policy.

Well the judge asked him if he had a job and he said he just started one after being out of jail for several days. The judge asked how much he was getting paid hourly and he said $8.00. The judge then proceeded to ask how much he was willing to pay and he said $75.00 which I agreed to.

Well about a month ago he tells me he's getting paid $18.75 and someone I know saw his check so it's confirmed. Well two weeks ago he calls to tell me that his hours were cut and that his pay was reduced. I believe he did this intentionally but will go back to his other position once court is done.

I received a court order in the mail saying he wants a decrease in child support. His reason is that he's making $300 a week and after tax reduction and the child support he is left with $140 plus he can barely pay rent and his girlfriend is pregnant. It sounds like a personal problem to me, not one I would care.

As I stated, I receive $75.00 wk with a total of $300 monthly but when we first went to court he lied about how much he was making and no pay stubs were asked but I'm assuming it was because the judge set up child support, supervised visitations etc.

Can I demand a income review from November to now or what can I do? Plus if he's making $10.00-12.00 hourly and working 25-30 hrs wouldn't it factor out if he said he made $8.00 an hr? His new baby still isn't born so it is not an expense at the moment.

What do you suggest I do? BTW he told the judge he wanted to put my son on his job health plan and the judge gave me 10 days to provide him with my son social security number which I did and its been months and nothing.

I will be bringing that to the judge attention. It is so complicated and I know nothing about this since I am a first time mother. Thank you in advance!

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