Debbie Does Damage

by David
(Minot nd)

In 1998, Debra is asked to take her mom home, it is 2:30pm winter storm due at 7:00pm, get call at 11:00pm leaving store to drive mom home(8 1/2 hours later) crashes car at 1:30am....ends up with tmj- I am now mom and dad to child, only leave for 3-4hour at time for work.

2004, try to get Debra to work a job, dose not go well. 2005, child 8 years old, wife gets Gaul bladder surgery.

Dr. screwed up nike bile duct...local docs won't say whats wrong or help. she gos out to Colorado Spring(her mom now lives there) for med help. Comes back, wants to move there. End of 2005 - 2006, she gos to Colorado, with the understanding that I will join her if she can show me that she can mike a living there within 3 month. Child stayed with me, however I worked nights so he went to my moms house. After the 3 month and over 4000.00 she has no job no place to live. 2 month later she claims to have job and place. I go down to join her, get there find out she is not working and is 1100 behind in rent.

So, I get a job support her and pay off debts.
move from apt to trailer house at her request but tell her it will take two income to make payments. she finds job works 3 days and quit. never works regular job again. Wants to go back to school for message in Denver, 18 month.

2007, she finished, went out to celebrate came back the next afternoon covered in hickeys
Separated within 3 days, had to wait for paycheck.

Paid her to drive me to north plait. Had 23.00 to my name, had family come get me.
4 days later she calls for money, borrowed it, as no job yet. Advanced her several month child support, summer came and as we agreed it was now time for me to have son. she changed her mind would not let me see him and got a protection order.

I was not nice on the phone and it scared her) 3 month later after all this stress killed my mom, she drops it. Then tries to collect all the child support agency. I had lost some receipts in moving but still prove over 70% payments. she then offers to give me a receipt for the support for 500. I go for it, she takes the money and runs. (she thinks support will be done and over quickly, I drag my feet) 2 month later, ford about to be re-pod she singes off for 200 more...

We divorce, I get custody, she gets summer, offers to trade my my kid for a, I do it. She collect support for 2 month, when I have kid.

She lied to the court, did not tell there she was working, so they set support to 50 a month and order her to repay a loan and the debt in Colorado. she has done none of this. How do I start

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