Deadbeat daddy and failing county court system

by jaclyn kennedy
(mineral point, mo., united states)

I am jaclyn kennedy have a 6 year old daughter jillian rector and her father phillip rector lives in jefferson county missouri he has had his childsupport case on the prosecutors desk for almost five years now and has only paid sic thousand dollars in support sense our daughter was born he dont call he dont come around she sees everyone in his family but him he pays maybe a half of a payment every six months and the prosecutor seems to think that is ok well its not i am a disabled single mother raising his child with no help he took me to court last year to get some custody but then he refused to pay for 2 court ordered dna tests so the case was thrown out but just because he didnt pay for the test dosent give him the rite to not help support his daughter and their was an affidavit signed when she was born by him i dont know what else to do and can i get my case transferred out of the county he lives in and to the one i live in with the child.

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