Dead Beat mom

by Marie
(alliance ohio)

My husband and I take care of and house his 12 year old son and have done so for 20 months. He pays roughly $500.00 per month. All the while, he still pays the mother child support. She is very sickly and needs welfare and can only get the welfare if she claims the son lives with her. We have very uneasily agreed to allow son to go live with his mom once school starts as long as his grades stay decent. She has yet to sign him up for school which starts in 10 days. My husband doesn't want to anger the woman because he uses a farm that is in her name which no one resides on. He's afraid if he angers her that she will cause harm to his belongings. We are married and have 4 children total. Would the addition of a marriage and 2 natural children additions to our family have any effect on his child support payments, ie. make them less?

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