Dead Beat Mom

by JR

Why does a hard working father, who loves his kids dearly and supports them 100% financially, has to pay 100% of everything for them and the mother 0% because she chooses not to get a job. Because I have to work, I do not get to see my children as often as I would like. She is educated with a BS degree and is fully capable of working. Both kids are in school but she refuses not to work "because she wants to be home for the kids". The "system" is blind to this and apparently caters to this type of person. I am paying a boat load of money to support not two, but three children. The is no justice and accountability in this country any more.

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I feel your pain!
by: Anonymous

I agree with you! My husband has two children with his ex ...she got deported for Grand Theft Auto...Is in Arrears 34000.00 and is studying law in Ireland??? She states she is a disabled student yet just ran a ducathalon last Sept...was a kickboxing instructor in 2009 and traveled out of Ireland 3 times last year to attend various weddings!!

Its a terrible thing when you take care of you and your children and they dont do anything! I feel your pain....her expected graduation from law school in next year and now she has filed a motion to modify child support to erase all arrears....what nerve of her! She has a free lawyer which was an old friend who she has suckered into feeling sorry for her.

Note Did I mention...she claimed the children as dependents when she was in the US? Ohhhh yeah unbelievable!! She thought it was owed to her even though she didnt have them...sole custody was awarded to my husband....and she was in arrears! What is wrong with this????

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