Dead Beat Dad Won't Give Me A Divorce

by bessie smith
(Prince Georges County, MD)

I unknowingly married a dead beat dad. I had no idea he owed almost 50K in arrears. Needless to say if he didn't take care of his children, he did no better by me as well. When I married him he had nothing but worked with a contractor performing home improvement so it gave the appearance of having money. I did not know the reason for him not having a "real" job was his avoidance of his child support obligations. After we married he stopped providing any financial support and I have paid ALL the bills. The state of Maryland occasionally summons him to an administrative hearing but all he has to do is show up with $100 as good faith offering.

After 5 years, I am trying to get a divorce but he will not sign a quitclaim and threatens to ask for alimony if I pursue the divorce. I am told that he might get the alimony and if the judge feels so incline may even get a good portion of the proceeds from the house even though he is not on the note and has contributed NOTHING. Is there some avenue I can use to have this man arrested for non support so that I can get my divorce and what is rightfully mine? 50K in arrears, come on. I just found his social security statements and to my surprise and dismay he has never earned more than $10K a year and that was a very long time ago. Please give me something to pursue!!!

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Hi Bessie,

It is highly unlikely that he would be awarded alimony. Especially with 50 k owed in back support. A judge will look into his work history and his back support issues with other children. Keep pursuing the divorce and get a child support order in place for your kids!

We wish you well,

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