Dead Beat Dad With Handicapped Child Behind $14,000 In Child Support

by L O'Brien
( TN )

My daughter has a 9 year old handicapped son. She and her husband have been divorced for about 2 years. He refuses to find a job and he will not keep the child nor pick him up at his special school so my daughter can get a job. My daughter and grandson live in poverty. Now some "group" is helping him get his child support lowered. Don’t the judge’s rulings mean anything? Nobody seems to want to help and no the DEAD BEAT is being helped for free! Are children not considered? Isn’t there some agency that enforces what the judge ruled? I am sick and disgusted with this as is my daughter. I have spent every dime I have trying to help them and now this DEADBEAT is getting help! Where is the justice?

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Sorry For Your Troubles
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello L O'Brien,

We are very sorry for you and your daughter and her son. We can only image the frustration of the ex husband not doing his part to help with the child.

We recommend that your daughter press the issue regarding the back child support owed. Eventually there are serious consequences for not paying. We would hate to see him go to jail but something need to be done.

If your daughter can't afford an attorney she can always file a motion to the courts herself for contempt on non payment of child support. There are ways to get some results she just has to put in some effort.

Please know that we are always here to listen and help, and contact us anytime via this post.


state help?
by: joey

if your kid is handicapped does he not receive SSI benifits?

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