Dead Beat Dad Living On St Croix Virgin Island

My name is Laura. I was legally married to my X husband Eduardo Martin Sr for 11 Yrs. We have 2 lovely children. In 2005 I relocated to Florida due to the speech problem that my last child has. Before I left my then husband that he would come and join me in FL but instead he went to the Dominican Republic and got married to a woman to give her legal status. At the same time he is still married to me so he had two wife's.Our divorce was final he agreed to pay $500.00 per month per child for Child Support Agency. When the day of the court hearing came the issue was never raised in court by my attorney. all he stated in the divorce is that the state of FL will have to enforce the Child Support.

When I got back to FL and attended my appointment I was told that i may not get any monies for my kind who was now 16 and 12 years old.I got furious. My X never supported his kids from 2005 to present. About 2 days ago I got a call from an attorney in the VI informing me that they had a hearing on 09/02/10 I was not notified and he was ordered to pay $300.00 P/M for 2 kids which make me more furious.My daughter is now a full time student in college and my son is now a 7th grade student in middle school. I would like to know if more Child support payment is due to my kids and is my 2 kids is entitled or qualifies for arrears from my X husband seeing that he has not supported his kids from 2005 to present. Thanks for your help.


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