Dead Beat Dad In The UK


My ex-husband and I went through divorce proceedings last year. The court had established child support payment and alimony. In the mids of my divorce my ex-husband fled to UK. My attorney gave my child support case to DCSS but without an exact address they cannot do anything for me. His family there are not cooperating in providing me his whereabouts. What would my next step be to make him live up to his obligation.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Thanks for your question. A suggestion would be to talk to your child support caseworker and ask about his passport being canceled. If he owes back support then they can cancel his passport and he will not be allowed back into the U.S.A. Also there can be liens placed on his bank accounts.. etc.


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by: Anonymous

Although he is a US citizen, he left the country with his British passport. Furthermore, before he left he made sure to empty out all the bank accounts under his name and retirement even though there was a court order not to.
He case worker told me that if they cannot locate him over in England, which they seem to having so much trouble to, they will drop my case.

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