Daycare In Massillon Ohio

by Dawn Joy
(Massillon, Ohio)

My child just started daycare and it is about $260 a month which is $20 more than what his father pays in child support. Will child support take this expense into consideration when figuring out the readjustment?

I know he switched his job and assume it was for better pay, but I'm afraid my support will get lowered even though I have a new bill from daycare.

Also, what if I received a cost of living increase each year due to the number of years I'm teaching?

About two years ago we were given a raise due to our Negotiations, with the school board which increased my pay, also. I head that if there is a 10% change in income that you can get it readjusted, but I'm afraid it will get lowered. I pay and carry all medical insurance on my son which is taken out of my salary.

He does not help with any other expenses.
I really would like him to be more responsible in helping to pay for expenses but am not sure if the daycare cost will change it. I really don't want to fight it and get my support lowered, because right now that support pays for most of the daycare, that was never there before.

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