Daughters Mother Receives SSI Can I Collect Child Support

by Steven E. Grady
(Chester Ohio USA)

I am a father of a 15 yr. old daughter who has custody and is to be paid $50.00 per month. Several years later I am told that she cannot pay child support due to the SSI she is on. Also Due to the freedom of information act, I am not able to retrieve any information locating her or trying to see if this may be the case. I have contacted the social security information admin, and they tell me that my daughter cannot claim off of her allotment. I work for a security company and I’m trying to obtain my pi license for me. Any info you can give me on this I would appreciate it.

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Legal Help
by: Child Support America Team Member


Thanks for your post and we appreciate your concern on this matter. Individuals who receive SSI and SSD are not exempt from paying child support, but the support cannot be garnished from their check.

Also we recommend you obtain some legal advice on this because your daughter might be entitled to receive a check on behalf of her mother. Be sure to check out our VIP memberships page for legal assistance help. Also how long has the mother been absent from your daughters life? You can write back via this post.


by: Anonymous

You can not collect child support from SSI benefits because this is like welfare where the person had no earnings. Child support can only be gained through a person's earnings, Now if she was collecting SSDI which is disability based off a person's work record then yes you could collect.

No collection from SSI
by: Anonymous

Child Support orders are non enforcible in most states for SSI recipients. It is a needs basis benefit supplied by the federal government. It is not garnsable either. In most cases the support order is dropped,though a few ignorant states and counties try other means to enforce the order. Face the facts, if a person is totally disabled and only recieves funds to sustain life support what are you going to do to them, execute them for non support for reasons beyond their control. When you married it was for better or worse ,in sickness and health. If you were still married would you expect them to die to make things better for you. Deadbeat is Deadbeat....Disabled is Disabled

mother on ssi can i claim my child on taxes
by: Anonymous

my daughters mother is on ssi can I claim my daughter on my taxes? I pay child support court ordered and she does not contact me or bring my child to Columbus to see me when she is in town which I have asked her to do several times. when she comes to Columbus to visit her family she will not call me to let me know when she will be in town.

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