Daughters father close to 100,000 in back child support

by diane forsythe
(carson city nevada)

My daughters father simply refuses to pay for anything regarding his child. we lived less than 3 miles from her father and he never visited called or paid anything. she was born on his birthday, so they shared that special day. after we split up he had her every other weekend and paid very little.

As the time goes by and the numbers grow there is no communication and no support. i stay in contact with the Nevada child support office but seriously they do nothing to help recover any funds.

Nevada sends a great message to single mothers::: if the dead beat dad doesnt make it easy for the child enforcement office by having a regular paycheck that they can garnish, they do next to nothing to help the child/mom recover any financial help. at my last hearing a little over a year ago the master or sit in judge even had the nerve to ask me to waive any late penalties so the dead beat dad would have an incentive to pay?

are you kidding me? so the dead beat dad has an union retirement that he can pull out here very soon. can the nevada child support lien that? i dont see any other way to recover any funds....theres over 10,00.00 in braces, dental, medical and almost 100,00.00 in back support owed....

im so frustrated with the system, i shouldnt have to feel like im annoying the case worker when i call for follow uo. i dont need to be told i made bad decissions in who fatherd my child either, the case worker shoul not judge who i had a child with. my daughter is a beautiful young lady and deserves the law to support her. please help!!!

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