Daughter's Deadbeat Dad Filing to Lower Child Support

(Detroit Suburbs)

When my daughter was born in 2009 her father shocked me by saying he had a girlfriend that he lived with and would have nothing ever to do with my child. He has kept his promise and even went so far as to forge my name and file a fraudulent PPO against me after his girlfriend was agitated by a card my daughter drew for him and I mailed.

He is currently ordered to pay $216 plus back support and I have have only been receiving payments of $6.75-$11 monthly. I received an motion form in the mail for a modification of support. He states that because he is in school full time and only working a few hours at the Big Boy in Troy, MI he needs a reduction.

I pay $800 a month in daycare, cash medical bills, rent, gas, electric, sewer ect. $216 doesn't even cover groceries especially since she is celiac. He has never visited her or given me any kind of break. My daughter has never received a birthday card/gift or Xmas yet he drives all the way to Ky from MI to pick his other kids up to spend holidays and birthdays with them.

First of all, can support even get lower than $216? How can it be right that I struggle survive every month and constantly face shut off notices & collections and he lives free and easy with his girlfriend who is a Detroit teacher? $216 covers one week of daycare. That's it!! If he had her on weekends I could work those days and not have to pay so much.

Why isn't he being charged more for not seeing her ever? That increases my costs as a parent.
I've never even been out other than work since before her birth and Facebook is covered in his daily parties and bar hopping.

Will a referee really lower his support because he is going to school voluntarily and not working a full time job? I know plenty of people including myself who made through college and grad school while working full time. That is what adults do!

I know the economy is bad but he chose not to go to college when the rest of us did and he could get a job at McDonalds or Burger King.
I'm truly disgusted and we go to court on Feb 2. The worst thing about it is that I have to take a day off of work and I will lose more than his monthly payment. That means some bills won't be paid and I will be in trouble again.

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Child Support Modifications
by: Anonymous

Same story differnet state. In Indiana, they won't modify child support unless you can show a change of 20%. Make sure the CS is set up though court. I'm sure it is. Don't agree to it. Get in front of a Judge. Trust me he won't want to explain why he doesn't see and take care of his kids in front of a judge. They may wantto scare you to accept these modifications. But don't do it.

by: Anonymous

I went to court yesterday and he was a no-show!! The case was dismissed. Does this count as his once every three years chance or can he file again? I simply cannot take another day off. I'm going to end up in financial trouble for taking yesterday off.

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