Daughter Out Of Abusive Home


I need someone to give me direction, please. I am a single mother who had custody of her daughter for 14 years, she is now 15 years old. When her dad moved his girlfriend in his home, my daughter became extremely jealous of the relationship he was forming with his girlfriends young daughter.

In desperation, she pleaded with me to let her live with her dad and give him full custody. I knew it was a mistake, but since she is 15 and said this was what she wanted, I agreed because I wanted her to be happy.

Now months later I have learned that she is being abused in their home. The girlfriend is extremely mentally abusive to her, threatened her with physical abuse, and is using very awful tactics in order for my daughter to do things for her.

The girlfriend offers my daughter cigarettes in exchange for her services around their home. She is not allowed to leave their home and is in my opinion being held captive there. She wants to leave. She is scared to death of this woman and I have no legal right now to take her. If you could guide me in the right direction I would be so thankful.

I am not currently working or I would spend every dime I have to hire and attorney, but I am currently a full-time college student and unemployed. Any help or information you can provide me would be so very much appreciated. I am so desperate to get her out of this environment, there is so much more to this story. My daughter has witnessed such chaos there and I need to get her out of that environment immediately.

I have been having some issues with my phone working lately so if you are unable to reach me by phone please contact me at my email address as I check that regularly. Thank you so much,

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