Daughter Lives With Me But I Owe Back Support

by jerome

I lost my job that was paying child support to the custodial parent.I never went to the court to have the order modified,instead I payed the mother of the child directly.This went on for several years.When my daughter turned 14,her mother sent her to live with me out of state.I never filed for legal guardianship,but the court adjusted the arrears for the time she lived with me(up until her turning 18)She still lives with me now (21 and in college with 2 kids)but the state says I still owe $19,000 in back support and interest.

During all this time she has lived with me,her mother has not sent her a dime.Im struggling with my bills(and some of my daughters)My credit report is shot because of this,and now they have just suspended my driving privileges (which i need to transport her kids while she is in school)The mother wont waive the arrears because her husband thinks he can get money out of me,

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Hi Jerome,

This is why however it is critical to always obtain LEGAL custody of the children. Yes the courts will adjust, but your wife was never ordered to pay support for the time that you had the child. Have you attempted to contact a paralegal or someone down at Family court to see what your options are? Also contact the caseworker about your license suspension. Payment arrangements can be made, depending on your caseworker and you may be able to get them reinstated.

We wish you Well!

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