Daughter Lives With Boyfriend And I'm Paying Child Support

by Orlando "VIP Member"................

I'm a NYC resident I've been paying child support for the past 8yrs. Before this court order I had always sent my daughter and son, from my previous marriage a total amount of $20,100 dollars within a 5 to 6 yr period, But.

When I went to court for child support obligations (My ex-wife submitted the case) I took w/me my postal m.o. copy's as prove that I tried my best to support my kids. All the evidence I had w/me was not enough for the Judge.

Now my daughter is 18 years of age and she moved out of her mother's custodial home to move in with her boyfriend and their two young kids. She lives in Arizona. I've just received a notification from the child support agency, stating that as of next month I'll be paying more in child support.

I live w/my mate and our 11yr son, which I'm the sole provider here. I cant afford any more cuts in my pay. If this increase goes in effect I'll be left w/ $200.dollars a wk after all deductions.

Please if anyone has info pertaining to this matter in terms of my daughter's status Please let me know.

Thank You.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Orlando,

Lee here.

Thanks for providing us with the information, so that we could promptly find your post. As a VIP and fast response member, we will answer your questions within 72 hours.

Take care, and expect a reply back concerning your situation shortly.


V.I.P. question

Hello Orlando,

We thank you for your question. First thing is you must contact the caseworker and request for an emergency modification. Also are they aware that you have an 11 year old son? Because he serves as a deduction and your amount should be lowered because you have another child. Also, is the child support amount being raised for your daughter who is 18 years old?

It is important that you contact the child support agency and request an emergency modification due to your financial hardship.


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