Daughter And Child Support Issues

by Kevin
(Minneapolis, MN Hennipin)

Two years ago I fought and won full legal/phys custody of both girls. Onna is now 10 and Lexi is 17. This was based on her Borderline and addictive personality and drug use. She was court ordered to only have contact within a psycho supervised setting. She was ordered to pay a small amt of 600 a month total for support...even theough she had previously help a 50k a year office manager position.

She paid me zero in support...only worked for cash...my oldest ran away multiple times and was picked up...come to find out it was my ex who was picking her right from school. Lexi ran away with her mom and they moved from house to house and state to state and even lived in their car at one point. We had no idea where they were. She kept lexi out of school so I couldnt find them as well. The legal syatem has been zero help.

Well mari(my ex) contacted me a little over a month before Lexi was going to have a baby! ( the dad is over 21 :( I didnt want to Stress lexi at this point and so didnt force the matter. Plus she will be 18 in November...she does plan to go back to school now she says. I think its required for mari to continue getting support pay. Its a cliche' but my ex has always been about the $$ The main reason she was upset at not getting 1/2 time is that with out it she couldnt quAlify for the welfare programs. She has zero to do with the youngest...never even called to Talk to her on the phone...pretty much abandoned her ..esp once she had lexi with her.

My ex has filed for welfare and I have been served with child support papers(review for legal action NCP) by the state. They said they had the devorce decree but they dont care who has legal as long as Lexi and her baby are living with my ex..i must pay her child support! Plus I have a $4k hospital bill for the delivery as well and i just finished bankrupsey due to the high cost of getting custody.

Even knowing where Lexi stays..the police said they will only go to the door and ask if lexi is there..if mari says no..they leave. Lexi was last here November of 2009. She has not attended school since being with her mom.

This just seems so wrong...the state just found in her favor without even talking to me. Guies my question is what do I do?? My daughter will just run back to care take her mother.... Lexi has asked to be amansapated...is that an option? And what can i do to get support colected from mari...she works on computers etc for cash and just recently got job as a cook..said she was going to be kitchen manager soon.. She has an accountimng degree and is quite intelligent.

PS. Mari is asking me to do taxes and claim lexi and the baby and then :just give her a little" From what i read, I cant claim lexi or her baby as they have not been in this house for the year and I have not even known where they were. Sorry this is rambling. I just dont have a clue what I can do?

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