Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency

by Amy

I have been getting the run around regarding my child support payments. My ex-husband owes me close to $50,000.00 in back child support. Aside from that huge amount owed to me, he has not been making timely payments.

I called CSEA regarding this issue on 1/27/11 and the gentlemen that I spoke to informed me that the next time there was a lapse in payment a letter would be sent to my ex’s employer stating that they would need to comply with the court order for payments.

Not such letter was ever sent. Payments were fine until June. I Again called on 6/23/11 and was informed that two payments were sent to Columbus for the month of June. (Still not in a timely manner.) Almost a full month without any payments? July 14, 2011 I called to see if a payment was made and it has not. He finally made the month of July payment on August 1st.

I was told by CSEA that if a payment was not made by August 15th to call and let them know. I called on August 16th – left a message – no response. I called again on August 22nd – no response. I “spoke” to someone via the instant web chat on August 31st, to find the name and phone number of a supervisor in the Financial Investigative Team and I left a message for Ms. Monastra.

A women named Julie called me back on September 1st and she informed me that a payment was made on the 30th of August. When I asked about why no one did anything as they had told me to do, I was told well – this sounds like an employer problem. I believe that this should be a problem for everyone! I find this to be unacceptable. I would like some repercussions.

His payments are only $200.00 a month which is not much to start with and on top of this, he is able to afford vacations; but not his child support? He is unable to carry health insurance for our child, to assist with school supplies, and extracurricular activities. It doesn't make sense. He has even gone so far as to tell my daughter – I don’t have to do anything unless I am court ordered to.

I have been sympathetic in the past to the fact that I am not the only mother out here looking for her child support payment, but I would like some kind of action. I am unable to afford a lawyer, and everyone's attitude at CSEA seems to be lackadaisical because payments are being made. It clearly states even on their web site regarding the various options given when payments are not made in a timely manner.

Habitual late payments seem to fall into this category. I would appreciate your assistance. In the past he had his driver's license revoked and a warrant out for his arrest for not complying with a court order. He seemed to think it was funny the last time, until a warrant went out.

Some people just need a little wake-up call for them to realize that a court order is something to abide by. Do you have any suggestions on what else I can do to get this issue solved? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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agree with amy
by: Anonymous

I agree with Amy. I actually have an UIFSA case with Cuyahoga County. My daughter and i live in Virginia. The issues with my case were that they could never validate the NCP address before they would take him to court. I had given so much proof (packages mailed to my daughter from that address, the petitions his mother filed, and the summons i sent for court in VA(he did come for those cases)). I went as far as filing a State Hearing, but Ohio made it seem like VA was not doing their job which is clearly not the case. i had been told time and time again that Ohio had jurisdiction over the case because that is where the NCP resided. I received a letter in June that the address had been verified but it was never placed on the courts docket and still not as of today. I followed up with my state and sent documentation about the State Hearing, and my case has now been referred for court action in VA....since Ohio does not work in a timely fashion.

and YES.....THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS when calling in to the call center......

Hope things work out Amy!

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