Custody without paying child support

by B. McClain

On April 25th 2011, my daughter will be two years of age. Before the birth, my daughters mother and I made a verbal agreement to become parents without having to go thru the court system, and because of our past, I'm startling to doubt that she's gonna keep her word. Now I read your article, and legally, I didn't sign the birth certificate(because my daughters mother didn't want me to..for her personal reasons I guess)but however, my daughter has been living with me since she was 3months of age(to present day)(and might I add, I am a single father), and this whole time I've been the primary provider every pamper, every wipe, every meal was provided by me(making the doctor appointments is what the mother takes care of and clothing is 50/50)oh yeah, my daughters mother is receiving government assistance(food stamps etc)...but my question to you is how could we at least get joint custody without ME having to pay back child support? And also if she decides to go back on her word and tries to take me for child support? I just need to kno my options....

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