Custodial Parent With Higher Income

by jody

So i do not get the whole child support situation at all. i am suppose to receive 80 dollars a week and 20 toward arrears. i have two children with my ex, and i know the he makes good money however, for some reason every time i go back to court they raised it 5 dollars. im confused? i provide health insurance and daycare, for my kids and he does not see the children at all ever. even though i would love him to.

Now He is injured and on workman's comp i have not gotten any child support since may. he is taking me back to court in sept to get it reduced. i am scared as i feel like im always getting the raw deal. i feel like 100 dollars a week is sufficient for two kids.

my question is do they take my income into it?

i also have another child and i get nothing from his father. does the court take that (that i have a third child)into consideration to if they take my income into it?

confused about the system

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Jody,

We are here to help answer some of your questions. First of all, yes they will consider your income for the modification review. The court will take into consideration that you have another child when they calculate YOUR income.


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