Custodial parent left state with child without court approval?

by Bojan
(Pittsburgh, Pa, USA)

My sons mother decided she couldn't get a job here in pa that was more than minimum wage so she went to Texas and took him and his brother with her. She did not tell the court, I gave her my temporary approval as long as she allowed my son to call me and if she could not find a job and a home in two months he came home. It has been three weeks and I have not heard from him. she however told me on facebook that I could call him in the evening if she was home and not in town. she is in zavalla, texas. was she even allowed to do this without talking to the court? can I make her bring my son home? would I be able to fight for custody of my son? what are my rights in this case? I am paying my child support and had weekend visitations IF she allowed him to come see me. If he was bad she did not allow him to come, if she wanted to go to the park or it was a holiday he was not allowed to come.

Please advise.

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