Custodial Parent Is Out Of State And Collecting Child Support

by SAP
(Dallas, TX)

I am the non custodial parent. I pay child support to my child's mother. She moved to NY from TX about 5-6 years ago leaving our son with her parents. I am fine with the living arrangements (as is my son who is 10 years old now) and paying the child support.

However, she does NOT send her parent's the child support even though they are supporting our son. They are constantly struggling to make ends meet. Utility payments, food, gas for their car, etc. I or my family have had to help them pay for necessities just to make sure my son is ok.

Can I have the attorney general move my child support payments to go directly to the grandparents and not his mother who only visits him once a year? How would I do this? Modification?

Again, the living arrangement and payment is no issue. I just want to the payment to go to the people that are supporting my child. They shouldn't struggle just because their daughter is using my son's money for her other 2 children with her husband.


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