Custodial Parent And Child Support

by Tia
( Oh)

My boyfriend has been paying child support for his soon to be 16 yr old and soon to be 14 yr old for close to four years now. The childrens mother is CONSTANTLY hounding him for money alll the time. He does not mind paying for things when he DOES have the money. He recently started a side job of Djing one night a week.

Recently he recieved "support review" papers in the mail to raise his child support. We are barely making ends meet now, let alone expecting a baby in April. The mother has not worked for months according to the oldest child. We would just like to know is there a max amount of support to be paid? Can the support go directly to the children because apparently the support is not getting used properly if we are constantly getting harassesd.
Thank YOU. Tia.

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