Custodial Dad With Child Support Arrears In North Carolina

by Jon Dowell
(Gibsonville NC)

I paid child support to my ex wife for 10 years at $500 a month. It was way beyond what I could afford. Once she lost custody due to meth addiction, I immediately filed a protective order and took custody. My son has lived with me for over 5 years, so why I am still required to pay my ex wife $200 a month. She has never voluntarily paid child support and avoided paying anything for over 2 years. When I finally was allowed to take her to court, they just washed away her over $3000 in arrears off my arrears. I am constantly being threatened with jail time to pay my ex wife, and I have the kid. I am also being charged interest 6%, so even though I do not have a current support order, my arrears go up every month. I have hired lawyers in the past, and they told me I was getting a bad deal, but my ex wife’s sister is the deputy clerk of court and the judge refuses to let the case be heard by another judge. Even though the child lives with me in North Carolina, I have to go to court in Virginia, and be enforced by NC for arrears collections. I am trying to get the $6000 in interest removed from my arrears, how can I do this.

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Legal Help
by: Child Support America Team Member


Thanks for your post and we apologize for this situation you are in. It does appear that you are getting the raw end of the deal. Unfortunately, you are going to have to press this issue legally again. If you need legal help, please check out our VIP Memberships page to your left. Our question to you is: If you had an attorney, why didn’t this situation get cleared up this matter? You can respond via this post.


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