Current Passport And Child Support Arrears

by Mike
(Macomb MI)

Planning a couple day trip from MI to Niagara Falls Canada. I have a current passport that is good until 2013. I do have child support arrears. Will this be a problem?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Mike,

Potentially YES. If child support has placed a lien on your passport, it will show in the system once your passport is scanned. When you come back through customs you may have a suspended passport and not even know it. Have you contacted the U.S. passport office?


by: Anonymous


CSA is going to tell you that to scare you into paying your arrears. My passport also expires in 2013 and I have not paid child support at all because my ex personally told me that the child was not mine but will not stop support enforcement against me. Long story short - I travel in and out of the country all the time and have no issues at all.

Will you pay
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Anonymous,

If you read our comment, we are by no means trying to scare Mike into paying his back child support. We were simply giving him the truth of what could possibly happen.

It's better to be safe then sorry, especially when traveling out of the county. Just because you haven't been caught yet doesn't mean the next person won't get caught.

If you say this information is so incorrect, why don't you promise to PAY his attorney fees if he gets stuck in another country due to a denied passport? You can leave your personal information here via this post!!!


by: Anonymous

i need to know if i can travel to other countries with a lien on my passport from CS?

Passports and arrears
by: Anonymous

I am paying child support arrears thur social security deductions. Child support enforcement automatically gets their money before I ever see it,then why can,t I get a passport. It,s not like I'm leaving the country . It,s automatic. I'm now 68yaers old. My child are in their 40,s. I live on a little over 300dollars a month. I guess each state has a nice little racket going on

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