CSEA Modification Review In Ohio

((Englewood Hills, Oh))

My spouse's ex has been paying a lower amount of child support because he was given a credit almost $100 a month for doing the driving. It clearly states in the order that the amount being paid is "in deviation of the standard order".

CSEA sent paperwork informing us that a review was being performed. They tell us we initiated it - but we didn't intend to, we thought we HAD to fill out the paperwork and send it back. So the review was performed and CSEA raised the support payments about $15 a month. However when CSEA did the paperwork, it no longer states that he is getting the discount - which he clearly is as the financial situations of either party have not changed much. Because of this missing discount statement he now wants us to do 1/2 the driving for basically the same amount of child support.

Our lawyer tells us that CSEA should have never done the review because there was a deviation - and anytime there is a deviation from the standard amount then any changes/adjustments have to go thru the court.

What is our recourse? Can the new order from CSEA be thrown out, invalidated or overturned by the judge since it should never have been done?

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