Court Ordered Back Child Support

by Paula P.
(Margate, FL USA)

My ex-husband has owes a large balance for back child suport that has been unpaid for most of our 2 children's lives.The original order started in 1980. I went thru the State of Florida enforcement and they were able to collect a very small amount of the current support back in 1995 when my youngest child turned 18.

At that time, I was told I would need to continue collection attempts through a private lawyer since both children had turned 18. At that time, the arrears was over $37,000.00 without any interest calculated. I do have copies of the state records where this amount is documented.

Their father worked under the table or was "unemployed for years, and constantly moved around. Now, it has been almost 16 years to the date since I received my last child support check from him via the State of FL. Since he has turned 55, he has started working as a W2 employee & filing tax returns.

My questions are: Is there a statue of limitations in FLorida to collect court appointed back child support? Can I put lien or a judgement against him, have his wages garnished and collect from any tax refunds, lottery or gambling winnings, prizes or gifts he receives to re-pay the arrearages? If I can, how to I go about this?

I would appreciate any guidance or adice you can help me with.

Thank you,

Paula P.

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