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I am a single mom of three children. I currently live in Dayton, OH., but was born and raised in Chicago,IL. My kids father lives in Illinois and I presently have an interstate case going. I have been trying to collect child support for almost three years now. I am constantly on the phone with the Child Support office here to inquire on if a hearing date has been set. I have been told that residence and employment has been verified for him, but they continue to say that Illinois will not respond to any of their transmittal's, phone calls, faxes etc. to see if they need any additional information or to find out the status.

I do not understand why it is taking so long for Illinois to set a hearing date for me if they have all the information they need to go forth. I have provided everything from SS# to license number to help with this and I still cannot get a hearing date. My children are 11 and 7 years old. I am afraid that they will turn 18 before we are able to obtain any support. I think it is truly unfair that some of these fathers get off Scott free, while the mother's have to struggle to provide for them. Everyone is always talking about the mothers never try to do anything to get these men to stand up and support their kids, but when we do, this is the response that we get. Please advice on what I can do next to get some help for my children and I.

Thank you

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Our Advice
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello lovemythree33,

Sorry about all of your frustration. You and your kids deserve to receive child support. Intestate cases are always complicated, because two states are involved. To be completely honest, at this point you will probably need an attorney to help your situation. It’s a shame to have to resort to this measure, but oftentimes it’s the only way to clear things up.

Unfortunately the child support system won’t take regular individuals seriously. But it’s amazing when a lawyer gets involved. Things then change quickly. It happened to me with my interested case. As soon as I got a lawyer involved my problem got resolved.

If you can’t afford an attorney we can help. Check out our VIP Memberships link on the left. It’s a new program we are developing to give our visitors some extra help with their child support situations. We receive tons of submissions, and VIP members get first priority and extra benefits. As a VIP member, we offer a lost cost and discounted legal plan. It’s really good! Please know that we only have a limited number of memberships available, so act fast if you are interested.

Well take and contact us anytime by responding to this post.


Interstate cases
by: Stefanie.w

Omg the lady's story about the interstate case that's my life... I too have been waiting 3 years to get a court hearing.I went through the Att gen office. Still waiting! It's hard because the ones suffering is our kids.

intersate child support cases
by: Anonymous

I've also been trying to register my interstate child support case from Erie county NY with Greenville SC for years and it also is not going through. I have to work with the county attorneys office. They never return my calls when I call to ask the status of the case.

I don't believe it will ever be put through. I don't believe the other state (south carolina) wants to get involved or help out in anyway shape or form. If your childs father moves to another state and decides not to pay there is very little you can do and there's no one to help you either. He became untouchable.

by: Anonymous

My child's father is military, so they didn't have much trouble locating him, but I can already sense that I'm not being taken seriously as far as the DCSS efforts go. I understand that one county alone can have thousands and thousands of cases to deal with, but does that mean that mine has to be totally stagnant???

Either hire more caseworkers, come up with a better time management system, or at least train your employees to exercise the common courtesy of returning a phone call. My case worker has heard from me 4 times since I opened my case, just because I do TOTALLY understand that I am not her only case, and sometimes the home state caseworker's hands are tied with interstate cases, but I also since they she may be taking my considerate nature for granted a bit....
Do I really have to call you twice a week to ensure my case makes some kind of progress.

I can't really afford it, but I think I'm gonna just hire an attorney with my tax return money next year(I'm supposed to be getting a substantial amount back).... Hate to have to spend it paying for something the state is paid to offer to me for free, but as one guy on another blog put it, being too 'cheap'(??) to hire an attorney in a child support case is like "saving a penny to lose a dollar." All though it can take a while to save up for one, it definitely won't take as long as it would to get your child support without one.

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