Court Hearing About Unknown Paternity

I have been named the father of a 3yr old boy, but paternity is unknown. I got a paper in the mail for a child support hearing but it was not certified. My question is do i have to go. I was recently unemployed and do not have the money to go the distance to attend court. what happens if i don't go.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Yes you should go. If you cannot attend then you need to contact the courts and see if you can get some type of continuance. If possible you should attend this hearing. If you do not show up for court then a judge can rule you a no show, charge you with contempt and set an outrageous child support amount. You need to be there to defend yourself. Have they ordered paternity testing?

CSA Staff

PATERNITY records missing
by: Anonymous

in 1990 i went PATERNITY court in this county and state, it was another California vr me i was only person who show after reporting 4 testing and court.
judge dismissed. go fig 10 years later and i Bing accused again back support what can i do.

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