Could really use some opinions

by Justin

I have an 11 year old son. We live in Montana. We shared him 50/50, week on, week off until he started school. During the school year i have him Fri-Sun. I have to travel 240 miles every week to pick him up and drop him back off. I pay for his school clothes, most the time for his school supplies and other needs. When it comes to holidays with gifts, she buys him presents and I buy him my presents, and i'm way generous with my presents. Is it wrong for me to think I shouldn't have to pay child support? I don't mind when I have money, because it's for him, but when I don't and I feel the pinch, I feel an injustice is being done to me. It's only $200 a month, I've heard of worse, but $200 is a payment for other things when you don't make a lot of money or any money at all.

The last year I've been a full time student, trying to get a better career for my son and me, but still fulfilling the basic needs when he's with me. Even more so, he gets upset every time I bring him home because he wants to stay with me. The last three years he's expressed a GREAT desire to move up with me and go to school in my town, but his mom say's no. I can't help but think she's getting almost a free ride on having a kid since I have to pay her 200 a month, she get's welfare, I do all the traveling, and the state say's i'm the one who has to pay for his medicare health insurance (which I don't because I'm unemployed because of the job market and me being a full time student). Don't get me wrong, she's a good mother, but what about me?

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