Contempt Of Back Child Support Arrears While Paying

by Doug

I have 21000 in arrears i AZ. I had the children for 9 months and we both agreed that I wouldn't pay child support during that time. Nothing was signed. When she found our I was getting married she took the kids back and said that I took them from her for 9 months. The judge put on the 9 months of child support and her court fees of $12,000.

Now with interest I owe a little over 20000. I recently took her to court to get visitation and it is still on going. I just found out they are holding me in contempt of arrears. For 4 months I didn't have a job but I sent in 1600 toward back arrears in that time. Right now they are taking 50% of my check. $800 goes to child support and $276 goes to arrears. Some of my checks aren't large enough to cover the arrears and even the full amount of child support.

We are also in the works to change to child support amount and AZ has the amounts at $466 to child support and $100 to areas. Through all of this I have represented myself. I don't have the money to afford an attorney. What is the likely hood of my going to jail? I have a wife here in Texas and two children 6 and 22 months with my current wife. If I go to jail I lose my job, we lose the house and our cars. We will have to file bankruptcy. What are my options?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Doug,

Thank you for your question. It sounds to me like you need to have an attorney look into your situation. Here at CSA we have a V.I.P. membership that offers some legal help. A modification may be an option. Have you attempted to apply for a modification?


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