Committing adultry and concieving a child


What if the farther of the child was married and still is married committed adultery and conceived a child with his mistress and now she is filing for child support, how would it play out in court as far as him having a family in which he is still taking care of. Would the courts be leant to the fact of him having a wife and three other kids who forgave him and did not leave. In which he is the main source of income?

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Make Him Pay
by: Anonymous

Just because he has a wife and 3 kids does not absolve him of his responsibilities for his new child. It's not the baby's fault the guy is a reprehensible piece of garbage. What do his "other responsibilities" have to do with the best interests of the new child. The mom may also be a total loser slut but, again, what does that have to do with the interests of the child? Make him pay.

Another bitter woman
by: Anonymous

You are probably one of those bitter women who was multiple children from multiple men. Take responsiblity for your actions and have some respect for yourself. If a man does not want to pay for his child why should he be made to. Why would you evan want to have anything from him? Worry about raising your child independently. You had the choice of having the child, abortion or adoption...he did not. Women always want to be seen as independent but we keep proving that we are dependent on men. People that are not financially ready to have a child should not.

Re: Another Bitter Woman
by: Anonymous

I would like to respond to the post Another Bitter Woman. It's a shame if a man has to be MADE to take care of his child. A real man wouldn't even be able to look at himself in the mirror if he's not handling his responsibility. Sheesh! Now I see why there are so many deadbeat dads!

this is my life
by: Anonymous

I believe the father should take some responsibility for the child. I am a wife of a man who had an affair; the other woman decided to get pregnant after two and a half years of him telling her he wasn't leaving his wife and family. He should have left her, he should have used a condom; but none the less, he didn't and she did stop using her own contraceptive.

It's a difficult position to be in; but I love this child and he deserves to know his father and his brothers and sisters. The part that is most difficult is paying so much money to her, watching her buy a new home, clothes, etc and watching my own family sacrifice for this child's mother, not even the child.

There should be more accountability for what child support is spent on; Just because someone doesn't make enough money to support their child doesn't mean that they should get 1/3 of what the father makes, causing hardship on the rest of his family. If the mother can't afford the child, then the father should have the opportunity to get full custody of the child.

That's is one reason there are so many deadbeat dads, they can't afford in many cases to pay what the courts stipulate. I was a single mom and my son's father paid -0- for him and I made it work, so I'm used to a shoestring budget, but it's difficult loosing everything, your car, your home, your life because a man made a mistake, a woman made a plan and the courts gave her part of my life.

The Child support system is flawed and until they fix it, I am sure there will be more and more deadbeat dads/moms. Everyone should at least be able to live.

Dead Beats
by: Anonymous

In any situation when a minor child is involved, the non-custodial parent should be required to pay support. As for the worthless, pieces of garbage adults who commit adultery and make a baby, they should also be required to pay child support or make other arrangements with the other parent for some kind of support.

It's unfortunate that an innocent spouse is put in the awkward position and embarrassment because they have a cheating spouse, to be affected. Now would be a good time for the non suspecting spouse to decide whether or not to stay. You know what they say, You play, You pay. I am not a victim of this crime, yes folks, it is a crime, however an innocent child should not be put aside and forgotten, because of the irresponsible and selfish indescretions by two adult morons.

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