Collection Of Child Support

by Tammy S. Daily
(Bluewater, NM, USA)

I am a 34 year old single mother of two boys and a full time student in my senior year of post-secondary education, trying to fulfill a status within the community as a dietitian.

I have been divorced since 1999 and have raised my two boys without the support of their father since. I walked out of the marriage with the clothes on our backs and the boys' stroller. I have never asked him for anything. However, we have struggled during those years, eventually relying on my parents and the community for support.

I have been on food stamps off and on throughout this time, with the hopes of finding free services to help me collect child support from their father. Yet, I have always been left hanging. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus eurythmatosis (SLE) since 2001 and have had periods of serious health-care issues, followed by remissions. However, those periods impact my family horribly and it is hard to recover financially.

My oldest son decided to go live with his father in Edgewood in 2008 because my ex-husband told him he could have anything he wanted as long as he came to live with him. Since he was fifteen, I let him make his own decision. My youngest son is now thinking about moving to live with him for the simple fact that I cannot afford to fix his teeth.

I have asked their father for help several times, being promised with a plan, then left hanging. I really just don't know what else to do. I am desperate and I need my boys. I had the opportunity for help recently when I applied for assistance. However, another flare-up has left me ill and I could not make the appointments I was scheduled to attend. A representative for Cibola County is at the HSD office only at certain periods and I missed my chance.

In fact, I am turning to the internet simply because my vocal chords have been affected this time. I have no voice. Please tell me if you can help me...or if you could refer me to other potential resources? I appreciate your time and thank you for your efforts in all you do. God bless.

Tammy S. Daily

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Child support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Tammy,

You definitely need to go to your job and family services department in your county. You can also e-mail the local office as well. You should apply for emergency assistance. When you get approved then DJFS will automatically begin a child support order. Explain your health issues to a caseworker. Do you currently have a child support order?


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