Collecting Court Ordered Child Support

by Tracey

I had a daughter young and never married the father due to his physical and mental abuse to me and his drug and alcohol addictions. After I had enough and was scared for our safety and he had just been charged by the state for beating his dad badly I went to court got a vpo and then filed for his rights to be terminated.

They ordered him owing back child support and medical bills from her birth to his termination date. He paid one payment in in insufficient funds and never paid again. I put it on his credit but when it expired I couldn't afford to pay anymore attorneys and the state would not help b/c when my daughter was almost 6 i got married and shortly after he adopted her.

They wouldn't further the case thru child services. He still owes it and even though we eventually found him again in SPI, Texas he continued to harass me and my family and flaunt that he hasn't and wont pay a dime while travels everywhere and supposedly has lots of money.

He has even been so ugly to my daughter in her late teens that she told him to stay away from her and to keep his bday $. His response was" just ask ur momma if I care if you ever have my $ or not".

She has spoken to him for a total of maybe 6 mths of her life and will never speak with him again. He is self-employed and lives in Texas which is a homestead exemption state and I can't touch him!!

Why?? Why can't I get his passport, license, or anything else pulled from him? Everything I have researched claims those things can and will happen. But I'm told I can't because my husband adopted her and it's between our attorneys. The LAW simply states that there is a court order and it doesn't go away!!'. He's getting away with being a deadbeat dad twice!!

I'm at ends! What little action I get to do to collect I get laughing text msg from him and him telling me good luck on that and I'm going to Vegas for the weekend. See ya!! My daughter is now 19 and I have been fighting along long time and refuse to give up. What can I do to get this done?

The state of Oklahoma is a joke when it comes to collecting. I voted for DA's, other state offices that say they want to clean up the child support mess but it just gets worse. Any suggestions or help anyone can offer?

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