Collecting Child Support In Summit County From Ex

My name is Shannon Smith and I don’t know my case number. I was wondering if you can find out if Scott McKahan has been working. I have not received any child support for a year and a half now. I don’t know his social security number but our daughters name is Jasmine Smith.

Also I wanted to find out how I can start getting child support for my son. His father and I are still together and live together but in case of something happening in the future we would like to start having the paperwork and everything on file. He does already have a case in Portage County for his daughter he pays child support for. His name is Elijah Hluch. He has a court order for health insurance for our son which he pays every week and has done so since our son was born. I don’t know if I have to fill out papers to get child support for my son but his father and I both have a case for our other children.
I would also like to know if I can have a copy of my child support order for my daughter so I know what visitation her father has.

Shannon Smith

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Open another case
by: Child Support America Team Member


We are not affiliated with the Summit County Child Support Agency, so we cannot access your records. Also you will need to open a separate for your other son. Each case is different. Also as far as visitation, the father doesn't really have any rights unless he files for a court ordered parenting time schedule.

Also is your current child support order in Summit County. Please respond via this post.


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