Collecting Child Support Arrearages from military solider

I live in Georgia and my Ex does too. We divorced prior to Georgia’s new Child Support Law in 2007. My Ex is still in the Military for over 20 years now and has refused to provide his W2’s or any income information since our divorce in Georgia.

We have a court order for Child Support (he has paid the exact same amount for years even though I know he has gotten raises and promotions) and alimony (which he refuses to pay). Through some investigative work, I have a good idea that he is short changing me about $600 per month for a few years now.
1. In Georgia, can I sue him for the child support in Arrears (for not paying the full amount of child support based on his pay and not providing income info ordered in the divorce decree?
2. In Georgia, can I sue him for the medical expenses I incurred in Arrears (Court order (divorce decree) mandates he pay the medical/dental insurance and 75% of the medical bills)?
3. How can I get a copy of his earnings history from the military?
4. Will his gross income include not only his base pay, but combat pay etc., COLA for living overseas, bonuses when he renew his service contract?
5. If I can sue does child support in Arrears in Georgia carry interest penalty?
Thanks….Just frustrated

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I'm disgusted
by: Anonymous

I have to say I am so disgusted by your post and I am a mother who is owed over 60K in back child support in the state of Ga. How dare you go after his signing bonus and combat pay! HE IS EARNING THAT BY PUTTING HIS LIFE ON THE LINE, NOT YOU. He is paying, that is a lot more than most men do.

Having a child is not about getting a paycheck it is about being a parent. Grow up and get a better paying job if you need to. Put all of your "investigative" energy into making more money on your own.

by: Anonymous

Im in a similar situation Did u ever try to go after him for back child support. Screw he is putting his life on the line. HES A DEAD BEAT DAD thats his number 1 priority!!! HE helped make the child he should have to pay you WHATEVER you and your child. Good luck and....dont listen to that crazy woman...shes obviously a wife of someone whos in the same situation and she wants that money!! O WELL single moms and our kids come first!

by: Anonymous

I was a single mother for years! (Hence the 60K in back support) and she said he does pay, she just wants more. I am not in a similar situation at all. I am tired of women using children as paychecks. And yes, Thank You to all of the parents for putting their lives on the line, mothers and fathers. Thank God the courts and congress are wising up to this and starting to put even more restrictions on what money hungry women can do to the brave men of the military regarding their children and their pay.

by: Anonymous

The courts do not care if you are in the military. The courts DO CARE if you do not abide by your COURT ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT!!! That is the point here not what type of pay. The evidence clearly shows this DEAD BEAT DAD did not pay his ENTIRE COURT ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT! The courts have spoken.

He must pay all arearages based on historical pay!!!! Why do people like to excuse some for not paying their debt just because of the type of job s/he holds. Thank goodness you are not a judge...b/c every person that showed up in court with a sob story would get off. Learn the law and stop posting with your emotions!!!!

by: Anonymous

If you would bother to read the original post, this "Dead Beat Dad" as you are so quick to call him, has complied with the courts child support order. This woman feels as though she is entitled to even more money! That is a seperate issue! HE IS NOT A DEAD BEAT, HE HAS AND HAS BEEN PAYING HIS CHILD SUPPORT ORDER! (A child is not a paycheck)

Learn to read
by: Anonymous


Learn to Read
by: Anonymous

What she is looking for is a modification! Not because of a lack of paying but because she feels she is owed more. (he has payed the same amount every month) She most likely had a set child support, not based on pay but a set amount incase he ever stopped working, now she is wanting it based on pay because "she can get more."

If he has in fact paid what he was told she is not entitled to back pay, they may decide to alter his child support but he is by no means a dead beat father because she is not getting the amount of money she wants now.

To the person who keeps getting it wrong.
by: Anonymous

This courts ruled on this case a while ago…So I am here to set the record straight.

To the person who keeps getting it wrong.

He did not comply with the court order. If he had, I would not have had a case. Now read ‘em and weep!

I was not seeking a MODIFICATION and my original post never said that.

The only reason he paid in the first place was because I had to get a court order because he refused for years to pay.

When you have a specific court order that requires certain actions (spelled out in detailed) of a party, one is entitled to pursue the party for not following the order. So don’t tell me I’m money happy!

Per the court order, the courts ordered a percentage of all his income (stated verbatim) (not a set amount) He CHOSE to pay a set amount.

Per the court order, he was to provide his income info and he refused. He was hiding income.

After the courts acquired income evidence, the courts decided he intentionally did not pay what was owed and have ordered him to pay arrearages plus interest and authorized garnishment.

Just because someone is military does not mean they are an honest person. TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDERS MS. I’m owed $60K)

To the rest of the SANE women out there NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!!

I'm not owed 60K
by: Anonymous

I think you have me confused with another poster! Not once did you say he was not paying the correct amount, only that he was paying the same amount, nor did I say everyone in the military is honesty. In the your most recent and snarky post you made that clear. If you do not want comments on your situation do not post them on an open forum.

Child Support by Law
by: Anonymous

There's no grey area. A percentage is set by the state. I supported his career for 20 years. I focused on the kids and working odd jobs. He owes arrears, then he owes. I was military also. Bonus and hazard pay are included. The kids come first. Like I said, there's no grey area. Heck, 50% would be fair. Check your emotions at the door, stick with the law.

by: Anonymous

My kids dad gets $2000 a month from the army for a kid he never cared for, what is this???????

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