Collecting back support from son's father in Australia

by Julie "VIP MEMBER".........................

I have a 14 year old son. His father lives in Australia. They lost contact in 2002 and just started communicating again in the summer of 2011. (I web searched to find his father and contact him) The father stopped paying child support in 2001.

When he visited my child the last time in 2001 or 2002 I asked for his contact information - work and home addresses and phone numbers - to establish support payments again. He refused to give me the information and we never heard anything else from him.

I was single supporting my son from divorce in 2000 until May of 2010. The contact was re established in July of 2011 and he started paying $300 a month in child support- but not without an argument or making conditions for paying support.

I thought court ordered child support was not optional. Our divorce papers state he is responsible for $300 a month support, life insurance on him to go to our son, health insurance for our son, half of all medical expenses.

He refuses to pay any medical. I currently have $15,000 in medical bills for my son. Because he cut off contact is he still liable for all of the unpaid support and medical bills? We lived at the same address with the same numbers until August of 2009 so it is not like he could not contact us.

He also could have reached us through my parents who have been at the same address for 30 years. He was dodging the support in my opinion. He now owns his own business in Australia and has been to the USA several times but never tried to visit
his son.

I know he has said he would come visit for spring break of this year (march 2012). Just want to know what I should do.

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Answer on the way "VIP Member"........................
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Julie,

We sincerely thank you for being a valued VIP member. As a VIP member we will respond to your questions within 3 business days.

I have forwarded your post over to one of our back child support specialists. They will respond back within the 3 business days via this thread.

Take care,


Collecting back child support VIP MEMBER.
by: CSA Staff

Hello Julie,

Lee here.

We are so very sorry that your "Ex" has put you and your son through this over the past 9 or 10 years. If it was ordered in your divorce that he is supposed to take care of $300 a month child support, life insurance, health insurance and half of all medical expenses, then it shouldn't matter that he disappeared!!

He should still be responsible for all of the above. It also seems that he has been tremendously neglectful since he could have contacted you through your old address or your parents address. These situations really irritate us here at

Since international cases can really be tricky, we recommend that you contact your local CSEA child support enforcement agency and ask them if they have a international parent locating service.

Most agencies have a U.S. parent locating program, but international cases may be different. If they do not, ask them what the next step might be. We would like for you to explore all possibilities before having to resort to hiring an attorney to look into your situation.

Also, we are wondering if you know the name of his business in Australia. If you do, be sure to report the business name to your local CSEA office.

If not, try doing an internet search for his name. Use as many keywords as you can including his past address and his current location which is Australia.

Well, we hope this helps and contact us anytime via this thread concerning this matter.


to CSA staff
by: Anonymous

CSA staff,

I now have his address and business name. I found him in July of 2011 but he has no intention of making up for missed support. Just waned to know wha I needed o do.

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