Collecting Back Child Support In A Lump Sum Amount

by Diana Hastings

My ex has had his wages garnished in the past. He is currently unemployed and child support enforcement is looking into getting garnishment from his unemployment.

For 12 years he did not pay child support(it was garnished for one)-we have been through court where he tried to get the amount of arrearages lowered and eventually signed the form stating that he owed $50,000.

However I need this money now not on a monthly basis that is included with my current support payments.

Do you know of any company or situation where my owed child support arrearages can be sold to a company who will take over the receiving monthly payments and I can get a lump sum?

I have no furniture in my house, I a sleeping on the floor, groceries are almost impossible to come by and my bills are getting out of control! Please let me know ASAP if you can help!

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Sorry For Your Troubles
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Diana,

Thanks for contacting us, and we are sorry for your troubles and current circumstance. There are companies who will help you collect child support, but unfortunately we don't know of any agencies who will pay a lump sum on arrearages. I think the risk is too great.

Feel-free to research this further at your leisure. We wish we had a better answer for you because we understand that you need the money.

Take care and contact us anytime, by responding to this post.


cs lump sum
by: Anonymous

if i go though the courts and settle out cs will the courts get any of the settlement any fees i should i know about

by: Child Support America Team Member

No, we don't think the courts will get any of the fees involved with the settlement. There are certain fees to file with the courts, but not to get any of your settlement. Is that what you are considering doing?


lump sum
by: micheal c

im owed over 40k in back child support i dont care if i get it all... i just want to make this all go away. is there a way i can sign a paper and only get a certain amount?

by: Anonymous

i have been struglin 2 i know the fealing i cant work at the moment do 2 a back injry and my sons dad owes me 16,000 and i need it now 2 get clothes 4 my son and thangs he needs 4 school i would like 2 get it in a lumpsum and ware my ex would half 2 pay the compney the monthly payment in till he is cot up with his suport that he owes i need help if i could get a lumpsum i could get a house 4 me and my son

by: Anonymous

My daughters father owes almost 6,000.00. I'm getting the feeling Im never gonna see it. I am getting little help with child support enforcement in the state I live in. The only thing they have managed to do is, suspend his licence...No biggy! He's still driving and probably always will...Just like everything thing else with him. He will probably get by with it too just like not paying child support and everything else... I wish I knew how to go about getting what every costodial parent who is owed cs the REAL help they REALLY need instead of waiting for these non costodial parents to decide to grow up and take a step in there childs lives and futures possibly. Good luck to everyone!!!

$26 a month toward $9.000.... really??!!
by: Anonymous

my children's father owes a lil over $9.000 and is court ordered to pay $26 a month, which he is... gonna give him so much credit... but now i lost my main job and i'm stuck with only my part-time job and i'm really struggling!! i need help to get a lump sum.. i mean he is paying the $26 a month faithfull, but what is $26 a month?? i need the $9.000 BADLY!! i hope i find help soon!!

Only received child support for three years!!
by: Anonymous

I did not receive cs until my child was 15 years of age. As soon as she turned 18 it stopped even though she is still in high school for another full year! I tried very hard to get extended but without luck. Now he owes me 7483.00 in back cs. And I need it now. @ the time of our court hearing they only went back two years. So he @ that time owed 19 thousand. My question is : I spoke to enforcement and they said that a letter was just sent out to dept of rev for the interception of his taxes in the amount of 7200.00 . Why is there a difference in amount? And I could only wish I would get that amount!!!!

Child Support *greed*
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but the way your after the dad's of your sound like a bunch of money grubbing people. Instead of sitting around the house munching on bon bons why don't you get out and get a job....any job can suffice. I have a kid and the dad doesn't pay as often as he should but you know what I got a job that I go to every day to support my child. Instead of you complaining about not getting CS money....get your butts off the couch and work like the rest of us single mothers.

Sos I can gets me a house
by: Anonymous

Unreal. Lump sum so you can get you a house. It's not about the child, as it should be, but about you. Read the comments of each mother... "I need", "I want", etc. Sickening, rabid women that need a meal ticket, not family support.

you should be ashamed
by: Anonymous

I agree with the previous two comments. For shame! My ex husband is now 97,000.00 in arrears. Since our divorce, I've seen maybe 1,000.00. Im of limited education but I work hard every single day to provide for our FOUR children. Just because they are dead-beat losers, doesn't mean we women have to be.

greed!!! i think not!!
by: Anonymous

Ashamed I think not!! I have worked hard and have supported her by myself for 15 years...she could have been dead for all he cared!! Get real...dead beat dads everywhere! Or mothers!! The way the laws are some donors are paying way too much and some pay nothing. It's a shame!!! I got nothing from him and your comments about get off ur butts and get a job , I have one making min wage he owns his own business!! Making four tomes the amount I do! There is no reason to be rude!! I don't want a house etc... Just what's owed to me and my child!!!! Really, I've lost a job over her being in a hospital sick for four days!! Where was he?????

Addressing-''I think not''
by: mother of four

Apologies if you feel that comment was aimed in your direction. I was simply pointing out the obvious and OBVIOUSLY, a hard working deicated mother should not have been offended by my words. Im fully aware of the overwhelmingly financial, emotional, and physical struggles that single parents are faced with. It isn't fair/right that these dead beats get nothing but a slap on the wrist for failing in their COURT ORDERED obligations and we're ''stuck'' to go at it alone.
Best wishes to those of you truly doing your best and to those of you who sit on your ass feeling entitled simply because you've (willingly) spread your legs...shame on you!

I will not apologize
by: Anonymous

I am sooo tired of you guys who think that going after back ordered child support makes a person greedy. In general, I can tell you that you're simply wrong. I'm owed over $105,000 in arrears. During the time Dad wasn't contributing, I racked up some serious credit card debt to pay the bills, pay for minor emergencies, pay for clothes, food, school activities, after school activities.

We had to learn to make do, and I had to learn how to say "no", even when it broke my heart. We didn't have much, but we had enough to get by. Now the kids are both over 18. I give half of the arrears payment directly to one child that still lives at home. He uses it for his car payments, books and supplies for school and college fees, etc. The other half pays approximately one half of my other child's college tuition payment.

Dad and I are sharing the cost of college, even though he doesn't know it. Although, I've got the added debt incurred by Parent Plus Loans.)
I'm still supporting both my children in many ways, and will be long after they graduate from college. One went to a 4 year private college directly after high-school, the other elected to go to a jc first, and is applying to several universities this fall.

Dad's arrears payments are just a drop in the bucket, but if it helps my kids fulfill their potential, you bet I'm going to go for that resource.

Don't ever make the assumption that just 'cause the kids have turned 18, that the bills incurred by raising them are all paid off, and there's nothing left to do. My bills from those days are racking up over 19% interest. He's only paying 10%. Yet every penny that he sends now goes to their futures, not their past upkeep.
You guys just have no idea.

I know how you all feel
by: Anonymous

I have 3 terminally ill children that I get no help from their dad. So for me to want to go after him for back child support I have every right. I have medical bills out that ass for my 3 kids, I have sat by bedsides after brain surgeries, and even when my son was in a coma while he was off doing whatever and whoever he wanted with no care to our children's well being. He owes our children the 30,000 dollars he owes them. They haven't gotten anything else from him the least he can do is give them what he owes them. We work hard for our kids while the dad just goes off and doesn't care about anything to do with the kids and he doesn't have to pay for them bullshit, so I say go after him make him pay at least then you can take care of your children the way you want and need to.

by: Anonymous

I'm owed over $30,000.00 in back child support I am a dad and could use that money now!! Does any one know a company that does lump sum help!!

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