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by Linda "VIP MEMBER"..............

I had a court order of $200.00 monthly for child support when my daughter was four. (she is now 33) My ex husband paid off and on for approximently 2 years. I went through the D.A. and at the time they were converting to computers. Long story short it took over 2 years to get help as files were lost.

By then my ex paid $100.00 a month on occassion and said he would continue but as I stated only paid off and on (more off) for 1 - 2 years. Stupidly, I got tired of the system and gave up. I told my daughter she had the right to sue for arrears, but like her mother (me) she is "too nice" and did not want to "upset" her grandmother. (my ex's mom)See I NEVER kept my daughter from him (even though he never cared to see her or not)or his family even though he never paid and my daughter is close with his mother.

He since remarried and divorced. The second wife used him from day one to get citizenship and schooling. She stopped him from seeing my daughter (17 at the time)and having anything to do with us. Once her goals were met she divorced him but not without first having him take out a second on his home to pay her $260,000.00 plus he pays child support of at least $400.00 a month her auto insurance and is still listed on his current home.

They had two children who are 10 and 5 yrs of age at this time. My daughter is married with two children of her own. I fought this woman's refusal to allow my ex to be a part of his first born and granchildrens life for years. He turned his back on my daughter. I still insisted he see her, attend her wedding and see his first grandchild.

He started to try and make amends by becoming a part of my daughters life again when our grandaughter was born, at which time his wife got pregnant and again kept him away.

When I was married to him I tried attending night school to get a degree in accounting, he would not allow it. Every job I got he would cause a scene and I would have to quit.

I am disabled now and no longer able to leave my daughter and grandchildren anything. I can not stand by and watch my ex continue to pay for his other children and 2nd wife, still keeping everything in her name so if he were to die tomorrow savings, IRA's his home would all be left to her and she would give my daughter nothing.

I am owed over 12 years of back child support, not to mention my not being allowed to attend college while with him and could not afford it after divorce as he ignored court order to pay child support.

I was sole support financially and emotionally for my daughter. Can I now sue him for arrears? Can I put a lien on his home for the arrears? I just want my daughter to get what should be rightfully hers.

Linda Clark

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Child Support Arrears "VIP MEMBER".........
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Linda,

Lee here.

I have passed your post and question to one of our child support specialists. As a fast response and VIP member you will receive a reply back within 72 hours via this email thread.

In the meanwhile, I briefly read your post, and wanted to say sorry for all that you and your daughter have been through.

It sounds and appears that your ex husband has made poor choices regarding you and your daughter. What a shame! Well, we are on your side, and here when you need us.

Thanks for sharing with us, and expect your reply back from one of our specialists shortly. Lastly, please continue to use this thread for future communication.

Take care,

Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hello Linda,

Thank you for sharing your situation with us. The answer to your question is YES you can sue him for the back child support.

Liens could be issued on his bank accounts, homes, cars as long as his name is on any of the above mentioned. For example if his house is in his wife's name only than a lien can not be placed on it. BUT if the home is in his name and his wife's name then a lien can be placed.

You should contact an attorney to see what your options are but you do have a right to sue him for this past support. We wish you well.


Thank you for the information
by: Linda

As I stated he paid off and on. Does the burden of proof, as to how much he actually did pay, fall upon him?

V.I.P. Question

Hello Linda,

Yes it will fall upon him to prove what he has paid. The Child Support office will have records of how much he is in arrears total. We wish you well.


dead beat dad
by: Kathy

HIi my son father was order to pay 17.50 a week in 1983, he only paid one time and left town. He has returned, and have no relationship with my son or grandchildren,my son is now 31 i want to know how can i get my back pay

collecting arrears
by: Anonymous

My question is my father never paid his support but as the child even though I am 29 years old do I have the right to pursue collecting the arrears on my own? or would that be something my mother would have to do? My father hasnt had anything to do with my sister or I since I was 6 years old.

Never made an attepmt to keep in contact with us after he remarried and had more children other than to tell us that he would never work until we were over 18 because he refused to pay child support for us (nice thing to tell a 6 year old huh.

I am in West Virginia now and the origional order was in Ohio, does anyone know if I can petition a copy of the origional order? or would this be a case where i would be better off contacting a lawyer to find something out?

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