Closed child support case

by Stacy Osorio

Divorced in 97, I made the mistake of believing my ex-husband and letting him have our son 'for the weekend'. Went to get him sunday w/ police, went to court and since 'possession is 99.9/10 of the law' my ex-husband gained custody of our then, 2 year old son. W/in a year I had moved to a different state to gain employment and transfer in 3 months, it didn't work out that way. I went to get a drivers license in the new state and was told my license was suspended, and called cs and was told if I paid 10% and signed a written agreement, I could get my license back.

My new boyfriend (@ that time) and my dad had paid the 10% and they accepted a $50/m promise to pay (I was unemployed, boyfriend had kid, and I was high-risk pregnant). W/in a few years my ex became incarcerated and I thought it was in my childs best interest to NOT uproot him from the family he's known and been with, so I agreed to give guardianship to his paternal grandmother.

Ex's cs case was closed and knew one was open. Throughout the years, I paid CASDU and my florida, doing my best to comply and pay what I could but since I had other children and couldn't gain work, before I knew it I wasn't getting hired because I have no 'recent work experience'.

My boyfriend is ALSO owed cs. I went to college and got 2 occupational certificates and have been actively seeking a career, to no avail. In FL, I have to go to court every 3 mos trying to keep my license, even though im trying to show good faith and pay something, and ive paid something monthly for the last 2 years.

I got a temporary minimum wage job and CA cs had a hayday with this and my family has been hit hard! My boyfriend is a truck driver, I have to be on the account in order to pay bills, feed the kids we have, pay the cs i owe, etc, and since my name was on the account they wiped the account clean (levied the bank accounts) for the closed case.

They also garnished my check, the major amount also going to the closed account, and we are going to court in oct to modify the closed account. I am completely dumbfounded as to why they are messing around with the closed account instead of the one with whom my child actually lives with!

I am scared to death, I know they can incarcerate me in PRISON for the amount I owe, and when you realize how much you get per day in prison divided by my total amount, I would be in PRISON FOR LIFE for failure to pay child support, and my children would be motherless.

I wish I had a lawyer because I feel cs is wrong in this matter, and even though I dont pay the whole amount I do try, and pay smething in good faith every month, with no job. Meanwhile, everyday my bf goes w/o having money to eat could jeopardize society, and its all because cs decided to levy HIS bank account, and God forbid we can't pay our bills, my current children could be taken for negligence even though it wouldn't be our fault, but the CA cs system! Everything I have said I can prove, or can be proved thru court/cs records. P.S. The child in question will be 18 in 6 months.

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