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My husband and I have been separated for almost year and a half. He is now living with a woman who I don't know, and from his own admission has used drugs and alcohol. He uses alcohol as well. He has had a problem in the past , but that was something that he eventually got under control while we were married. However, since the separation he has gone back into the drinking. In 2009, he had brought our sons , who were at the time, 3 and 4 home and their clothes smelling like marijuana. I was on my way to church at the time and I had my Pastor smell them and their clothes just to make sure that what I smelled was accurate. My Pastor confirmed and wrote a statement detailing what he smelled as well. This has been one ongoing tiring mess. He did not want to give me a accurate address until recently this year.

I know my sons love their father and he loves them and I don't want to hinder them with that, but I'm very tired of this person only wanting to go by the rules when it is beneficial for him. He has left our sons with this new woman, whom I really am not familiar with. Thank God everything has worked out thus far. He has them now for his 30day possession and he is supposed to give them back on 7-31-2010 @6pm. But now he's saying that he will bring them back on 8-1-2010 @ 6pm because this is the 5th Friday, and that reading is fundamental and I should do that a little more. He went to the police station with the order because he thought I was trying to keep them from him. I have never tried to keep them away, I just want to make sure that they will be safe. I' am following the order to the letter. I know he has to have time with them and that's fine. But if he doesn't follow the order who or what can I do to get this thing on track? Is he right? Am I wrong?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for sharing your situation. It sounds like you really are concerned about your children and there safety. In your case you should be documenting all of these important concerns. Keep accurate dates and times. You can go back to court and request supervised visits if you believe they are in harms way. The most important issue is their safety. So there is a visitation order in place currently?

Csa Staff

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