Children being stolen by their father

by DMF

I have 3 children with my ex husband. We filed a non-contested divorce in which we agreed to joint custody and for him to pay $400.00 child support a month as well as to provide himself as childcare for when I go to work. He had been unemployed.

He has left the state to return to his home state and has not sent any support or child care money. His mother is temporarily watching our children while I work. He is asking that I honor the "joint custody" agreement and send our children off to visit him out of state. His mother would leave also and would travel with them.

I am afraid that he will keep the children with him and file for custody, support and day care via his mother who is eager to return to her home state.

I do not wish to surrender physical custody of my children and want him to help pay for child care and child support so that I can continue working to support my children.

He is loud, angry and verbally abusive towards me and the children. He would not be appropriate to be our childrens physical custodian.

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