Childish Games

by sharifa hodge
(st. thomas, usvi)

Me and my child's father recently had a fight where he punch me in the back of head wit force. I then made a report to the police station n filed a retraining order. When we went to court he lied about different things n now the retraining order goes both ways. Also he have visitation rights on child is on his insurance n he pays half of the daycare, I pay the other half. Every time I ask for pampers it always comes 2days later. When he bring pampers he don't bring wipes. Also when he bring pampers he takes out half of what is in the box to carry by his house for weekends. I'm just tired of the childish games when it comes to supporting our child. I was thinking child support because I can get the money without having anything to do with him n get my daughter what she needs when she needs it. Note: I work n he works! His income is higher than mines by 4 to 5dollars an hour.

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Child Support Questions

Hello Sharifa,

You can call your local child support office and open a new case. It is important that your child's needs are met.By going through the system, you will eliminate the games that he is trying to play. Do you have a visitation order or do you just allow him the visits unscheduled?

CSA Staff

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by: sharifa

He has visitation rights from the court, just want to know if that's enuff support from him, he pays half of childcare and she's on his insurrance.

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