Child Visitation

When I was married to my ex-wife we had one child together and she also had two other children. My ex-wife got me put in jail for something I did not do. Before I was put in jail I was the one who took care of the kids on a daily basis. Somehow, while I was in jail the kids were placed in a foster home. She was charged with child neglect. When the kids were at the foster home I got to see them regularly, but when they got established at my ex-wife's partents they refuse to let me have any contact with my son. It has been two years since I saw him. I tried to get my visitation rights established along with the divorce, but because of the way the paperwork was drawn up I was unsuccessful.

I have tried a number of times after that to get my visitation rights established with no luck because of the same reason. The lawyer I went to said he did not think he could help me because he could not understand why the courts worded everything the way they did. Also my child support is all messed up and I can not seem to get anyone to listen and actually help. My previous employer was sending in double payments and when child support realized it they sent the excess funds back to my employer. I never received any of that back. Child support then made me behind even though I was making payments. Now somehow I have two order numbers with the same case number for only one child and do not understand why. I am unemployed at this time, but have still been paying what I can every month for child support. I realize that this is a pretty complicated case, but if there is any way at all you might be able to assist me with being able to see my son it would be greatly appreciated. I love and miss my son very much and would love to have a relationship with him.

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